Maybe “the gods” are not fiction

“From the earliest youth we are accustomed to listening to the falsified news, and our mind has been so overwhelmed with prejudices for so many centuries that it preserves fantastic lies like a treasure, so that the truth finally begins to appear unbelievable and the false is true “- said Sanchoniathon – Phoenician historian, more than 3,000 years ago.

Today’s vision of the history of civilization propagated in the media and taught in schools already has catastrophic consequences for our entire civilization, and the whole of humanity will pay the highest price for it. “Noah’s Ark” this time is not and will not be. Whether we want it or not, the next global cataclysm is coming and it’s just a matter of time. The Earth has already shown what can be expected by giving a “small” example to the Indian Ocean in December 2004 and showing the size, the rush and, above all, the potential for help. Who will help when disaster hits ? Earthquakes have begun to occur in peaceful places for centuries. We created conditions for drastic changes in the natural world. Man, as theoretically the most perfect product of “little monkey evolution”, began to change nature without having any idea of the consequences. He has cut more than half of the rainforests to oxygen, destroying the habitat of animals and humans. Not counting anything else, it is still poisoning its own environment, starting with a visible climate change. Eventually, he began to imitate God impotently, without anticipating either advantages or threats. Through manipulation, ignorance, arrogance, and above all by the unbelief of the great world, we have lost several centuries that must have been used to prepare human civilization for the most important thing – to survive. Are we prepared for a global catastrophe? Absolutely not. For the past two centuries the technician has made a great leap forward, but the rulers and “shamans” of science have us back into spiritual darkness. Can we still fix something? Perhaps, though not sure. It will be impossible for those few hundred years of preparation, which have been forsaken by spreading lies about us and about our past, wiping out from our memory the real possibility of extermination. Our end will be owed to a small group of arrogant scientists with titles and those who still think that power automatically gives them reason to be great.

Let us believe that man is not evolution, but only creature and the intended creation. Let’s believe that our Mother Earth is able to destroy everything what is on it without warning. If we go this route, we may understand a lot of unexplained things and in a logical and simple way.

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Daria Anna

My name is Daria. From birth I live in Poland. I study psychology at the University of Lodz. My interests are focused on the problems of people, observation of relationships between them, getting to know the spiritual sphere and also their views of life. I’m interested in the influence of culture and religion on human life, its role and place in the world.
In my free time I train archery and write novels and essays. Since childhood I have liked writing poetry, short stories, which were published then. In 2015 I wrote my first book entitled “The natural order of the universe, that is the story of True God”, which is a philosophical treatise containing an attempt to answer the following questions: What should be the humanity aim? What is the meaning of our existence and other entities? How can we reconcile science with religion?

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