Many harmful chemicals present in bottled water are precipitated out of plastic

This process is particularly intense when the bottle is left in the sun.

Chemical substances in bottled water is up to 24520! German researchers conducted research on eighteen different bottled waters. They include, inter alia, chemicals that disturb the human hormone system (EDC). Probably they are responsible for problems with body development and fertility. 2-ethylhexylfuran (DEHF) is one of the 24,520 suspected chemicals found in bottled water. Their effect is negative antiandrogenic and antiestrogenic. EDC substances can seriously affect the human hormonal system. This can lead to the appearance of cardiovascular disorders, tumors, metabolic disorders, as well as the appearance of genetic defects and other developmental disorders.
The experiments were conducted by Goethe University researchers in Frankfurt am Main: Martin Wagner and Jorg Oehlmann. They worked with specialists Michael Schlusener and Thomas Ternes from the German Federal Institute of Hydrology. It is their joint research showing an alarming amount of EDC in bottled water. What should you do about it?
The solution is very simple. Avoid drinking bottled water. One solution is to install a  flirt at home, so that we can get rid of chlorine fluoride. This is a very simple solution or industry should change plastic into glass bottles which we could return after consuming water so this way healthier and more economically.

The following film presents many interesting information about bottled water

Ok someone can say that we are using recycling.  Recycling of PET packaging is a reuse of material in the production of not only bottles. Plastic bottle granules can be used to produce a fleece which retains good thermal properties. It has been calculated that 35 bottles are needed to produce one sweater from this material.recykling plastikowych butelek Polyester fibers also produce other clothing products, such as ski clothes, tents and backpacks. PET bottle rinsing is a process not only for environmental reasons. The economic aspect is also important. In the case of plastic packaging, the general idea of recovery of raw materials is very well done. In this way we save the Earth’s natural resources, and the material we gain is second life. Ok but we, people we dont get the second life.

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