Almost from childhood we are accompanied by the conviction that God or some enigmatic force (“karma returns”) rewarded for good deeds, and punished for evil.

This is a conviction embedded so deep that practically no one denied it. And what if it is not true? I have written many times that we as humanity we have one problem. We grow up physically, we build civilization, Mcdonalds, we spread democracy with F-16 planes, we have atomic bombs. But mentally and emotionally we are still at the baby level. Most people are otherwise mental children in adult bodies. They contribute to this belief, fear and traumas of parents, which are transferred in the process of education on us and do not allow us to grow up. It is also natural that this childlike, so anxious-serving perspective, we move to the perception of spirituality and God. We believe that everything depends on some laws (karma, numerology, original sin), and that various evil beings are attacking us (evil temptations, bad demons, negative energies). We can not, or rather do not want to see our participation, and therefore our responsibility for it all. So we blame God for everything.

Award in heaven or punishment in hell? What if..

Any good or bad act is a manifestation of creation – a manifestation of the will of man. No absolutely good or bad deed is punished or rewarded after death.  We are the eyes and ears of God. And we, on Earth, have to punish, judge, and tor

ture and kill killers and executioners. No one will do it for us. The conviction that after death is punishment or reward for anything, is a naive thinking of “a child in an adult body.” Like a child will get a lollipop for good deeds and for evil – smack. And here you go into adult life and it turns out that the world does not work like we see . That good and empathic people often have a hard life, and the wicked, corrupt politicians, psychopathic businessmen, bankers are accompanied by success. It would be to grow up and stop the subconscious projection of the characteristics of mother and father as God. God, so the universe deals with the “creation of space” so creation of himself . And for him it is not important whether this creation will invent a cancer drug, saving millions, or it will be the genocide of 6 billion people. It is up to us, what kind of creation this will be, and whether we will create mechanisms to prevent evil and punish the perpetrators. To this time these mechanisms are really at the minimum level of education. This is not even the minimum, we are still stuck in the centuries-old mentality of the victim. Just look at our relationships, mobbing at work, playing a dirty trick on sb, ubiquitous violence. The penalty for evil or reward for good is only on Earth. We can notice – each religion duplicates the same pattern which commands us to suffer living on earth, saying that it pleases God. And these evil people , wealthy, elite, will be punished after death and those good, humble people sheep will be rewarded because God liked their misery and


God does not need your sacrifices, your obedience and your suffering because what is God who makes his children suffer and he derive sadistic pleasure from it?

God requires us to be his partners, so creators, not children. And it requires us to solve our problems ourselves. Because we have it at our own request – precisely through our mentality of the victim, and looking more broadly, by ignorance. We are changing the world, we are defending ourselves and we are making unconscious things more conscious.

Many come down to the destructive mechanism of religion. It depends on waiting, until justice so the consequences of someone’s deeds, will be measured by God or karma.  A lot of people lived in their poverty and misery through the eons of time, and served the elite. In return for humbly sacrificing the elite who was enriched by them, they received a promise from the priest of their religion that for good deeds they will receive place in heaven.  Today’s variant of this myth is the words of political ideologies: that the free market works like that. Such is the economy, Another variant is popular in the” new age” doctrine of disgusting money as “low vibration”. Indeed, Napoleon Bonaparte said that religion is what holds the mob from making justice to rich. I will use here a comparison. Once, a long time ago, on one of the streets in my city the accidents occurred often Sometimes I was a witness horrible things – the pedestrian flew a few meters and died on the spot. Everythings beaucase of big speed of cars . But when the mother of two children died, people were outraged. They started sending letters and otherwise harassed the authorities. Small street demonstrations were also organized. The authorities decided to build a roundabout, which greatly curtailed the frenzy of drivers and reduced the number of tragic accidents. Why on this road did drivers develop a speed of up to 160 km / h, and people dead? Because they could. Because the road was straight and wide because it was not so frequented, because there were no lights or roundabouts slowing down the speed. But the tragic events caused the residents of the district t

o “wake up” and force the authorities to change. This can be symbolically referred to the whole of


The man is committed the best and worst 

deeds, just because he can. There is no other reason. He will do evil if no metaphorical “roundabouts” or “lights” 

so are such social, legal, criminal, and other norms that have the task of restraining evil, punishing perpetrators and protecting the victims. We are just beginning to work out these norms. We are at the very beginning of this journey out of millennia of barbarity. Our mechanisms of defense against mobbing, stalking, violence, psychological abuse, psychomanipulation, they just fled. 99% or more cases of mobbing or psychological violence are not reported or punished.

Mankind is now waking up from the victim’s level. This great revival does not concern only some puzzled, spiritual new age series of theories. It manifests itself in everyday life. In politics, where fewer and fewer votes are won by “rich parties,” the liberals. In economics, where we do not buy anymore hungry pieces about the crisis, about that is economics and that nothing can be done. In relationships and emotions, where triumphs illuminate psychology and we begin to t

alk about violence, harassment, toxic relationships, etc. In medicine where people perceive ubiquitous corruption, pharmaceutical systems and the fact that many diseases of classical medicine do not know and often deliberately do not want to cure.

We have such politicians as we choose, the elites like our mentality, the econo

my and the labor market, like is our perception of matter ( money and sex). We have such relationships as our consciousness. People treat us like what we do. Yes, it’s a little scary for many people. If God existed like a old grandfather or the karma always returning was r

uling it, it would be at least someone to blame. And in this situation- everything depends on us.

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Daria Anna

My name is Daria. From birth I live in Poland. I study psychology at the University of Lodz. My interests are focused on the problems of people, observation of relationships between them, getting to know the spiritual sphere and also their views of life. I’m interested in the influence of culture and religion on human life, its role and place in the world.
In my free time I train archery and write novels and essays. Since childhood I have liked writing poetry, short stories, which were published then. In 2015 I wrote my first book entitled “The natural order of the universe, that is the story of True God”, which is a philosophical treatise containing an attempt to answer the following questions: What should be the humanity aim? What is the meaning of our existence and other entities? How can we reconcile science with religion?

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