For a difficult questions we have really very simple answers

We ask ourselves many questions on which the answer may seem simple. And because we can not find a rational answer at this time, we try to find it in the sphere of spirituality or in the sacred books, because it is easier. And for exemple the answer for the difficult question –

what is the purpose of our stay here on earth may seem simple, because the earth fills us with this answer.

Official science tells us that our civilization is the initial civilization on earth, that from the  big bang everything started after that… evolution about which they taught  us in the school. We discover in the earth’s crust many artefacts, which today raise many questions, about which scientists create various speculations. If we can not find the answer that earth civilizations were capable of building construction machines then we most often attribute these secrets to strangers outside Earthly civilizations like in pyramid construction.  Why?  We don’t respect the level of ancient knowledge. In the meantime, the answer may seem straightforward, if we are wondering what could be exploited in the past – The forces of nature as this short video shows:

Flying Pyramids Soaring Stones from mike s on Vimeo.

 Who really knows how old is the earth? How many civilizations could live here before us?  Land stories about Atlantis … Lemuria … Avalon ect are only stories now and we consider them to be fictional lands written by poets and writers. Herodotus or Plato’s account of the existence of Atlantis can be considered a fantasy, but hmm …but are such brilliant minds able to fantasize?

With all my conviction, I think we have a serious loophole in explaining the mystery of life on earth, and certainly the beginning did not start with the big bang.

Let’s watch some strange artifacts:

Dziwne artefakty archeologiczne. Rzeczy których normalnie nie powinno się znajdować. A hammer drowned in a rock was found in London near Texas. It was placed in museum, where it was labeled as at least 100 million years old. Metal alloy experts marvel at the chemical composition of the hammer. As much as 96.6% is iron, 2.6% chlorine and 0.74% sulfur. No other contaminants detected. Such pure iron was never produced in the history of metallurgy on Earth. Another unusual feature of this hammer is that it does not rust at all! Although the alleged hammer in one place is very scratched for decades, no signs of corrosion have appeared on it. This hammer is simply made in an unfamiliar technology.
Dziwne artefakty archeologiczne. Rzeczy których normalnie nie powinno się znajdować.No one knows what it is exactly.  But the divers pulled it out of a Roman wreck near Antikythera Island in the Aegean Sea.
 Sabu’s disc. It resembles a windmill fan, and although it looks quite contemporary, it has about 5,000. years.
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania cochno stone Cochno stone  is a large  cup and ring  marked  rock at Auchnacraig in Scotland. The Bronze Age stone measuring 42 feet (13 m) by 26 feet (7.9 m) was rediscovered in 1887 by the Rev. James Harvey. It features around 90 carved indentations, considered to be one of the finest sets of petroglyphs in Scotland.  Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania cochno stone Scientists say it may be a space map. 

Podobny obraz The Yonaguni Monument .  Probably 10,000 years ago, and probably parts of a building from a similar place to the sunken Atlantis. 

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania The Longyou Caves: The Longyou Caves were only discovered late in the 20th century. At least 24 caves have been discovered so far. All of which were carved by hand. Although the overall excavation involved almost a million cubic metres of stone, there is no historical record of them or evidence of the work. Their origin is a complete mystery. At present there is no explanation for their existence. They represent one of the largest underground excavations of ancient times.  Podobny obraz

and my favorite artifact – 200 million year old fossil with a shoe print. An artifact which confirms the existence of humans 200 million years ago and scientists have confirmed that this is not a forgery.[Image: nv-ape1b.jpg]

Much of the information still lies in our land, which over time will answer us, meanwhile, come back to our question -” why we are here on earth”, we can suppose that we are potable to consume from the earth’s resources and reasonably control them to achieve a higher level of development. Who knows, maybe the previous civilizations did not manage to achieve this, because maybe they were killed because of wars, maybe cataclysms …

In any case, if we take that route -self-destruction,  we will never be able to rise higher.

After us  another civilizations will come . They will start from the beginning  but maybe their development will be better than ours. Perhaps this is why our Creator is aiming to use all the qualities of human brain and resources of earthly and energy to reach such a level that people will be aible not only to control the lands but also the cosmos and maybe even more. The earth is patient and resilient and will always defend against human stupidity. The question – are we capable of defending ourselves from our stupidity?

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Daria Anna

Mam na imię Daria. Od urodzenia mieszkam w Polsce. Studiuję psychologię w Uniwersytecie Łódzkim. Moje zainteresowania skupiają się na problemach ludzkich, obserwacji relacji między ludźmi, poznawaniu sfery duchowej a także poglądów na życie. Interesuje mnie także wpływ kultury i religii na życie człowieka, jego rola i miejsce na ziemi.

W wolnych chwilach zajmuję się łucznictwem oraz pisarstwem. Pisarstwo było i jest moją pasją. Od dzieciństwa lubiłam pisać wiersze, krótkie opowiadania, które były publikowane. W 2015 roku wydałam moją pierwszą książkę zatytułowaną ” Naturalny porządek wszechświata, czyli historia Boga Prawdziwego”, będąca traktatem filozoficznym zawierającym próbę odpowiedzi na pytania: Do czego powinna zmierzać ludzkość? Jaki jest sens naszego istnienia i pozostałych jednostek? Jak można pogodzić naukę z religią?

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