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Is the world surrounds us is really what we see it? Is something important, in our daily life, not escaped our attention …?

GMO and Monsanto.

There is a lot of informations about GMO foods so I’m here only to give you the facts you need to know about how GMOs are prepared and what Monsanto is and how it is involved in promoting GMOs.

How to produce GMO food?

Foreign genes are introduced into embryonic cells using aggressive viruses or by “firing” with special “parcels”. These actions are very imprecise and only a few percent of the cells are modified. It is therefore necessary to separate them from the unmodified residue. To be able to do this, at least two instead of one. This additional gene immunizes the organism to be converted to antibiotics. Then all organisms (those modified and unmodified) are exposed to strong antibiotics. Only those altered, which have antibiotic resistance genes, survive.

Why they produce GMO food?

To encourage and reliant farmers from buying expensive modified seeds, biotech companies use the following measures:

•They try to immunize pest-modified plants. They do this by introducing a gene that causes the plant to produce a toxin which kills its natural pests. You do not need spraying anymore. The plant itself produces a potent poison which kills insects. The effects of this action will be described below.

•They try to increase productivity. For example, they introduce new genetically modified growth hormone to cows, which increases milk production. Research has shown that people who drink such milk increase the risk of breast, colon and prostate cancer.

•They create organisms intended solely for feed or for the manufacture of medicines or industrial chemicals. Examples are goats which have been implanted with spider genes. The casein contained in their milk is made of very thin and super-tight ropes. Plants and animals modified for industrial use are not suitable for consumption. This should be strictly followed and controlled. However, no one can rule out human errors, mistakes and greed, which will result in their consumption.

•They make plants immune for chemicals. An example is Roundup resistant soybeans – a highly poisonous herbicide which kills all other plants and many animals. As a result of its application, almost all of the soil organisms and water intoxication are almost completely eradicated. Some of these agents, through leaves and roots, reach the sprayed plants, which, under normal conditions, would have dried up. The built-in gene immunizes the plants with the poisonous properties of the pesticide, but does not neutralize its effect. Toxic agents are still found in plants which are then consumed.

•They change the plants in such a way that the seeds obtained from them do not sprout. It makes farmers dependent on biotech companies and forces them to buy new seeds, licenses for their production each year, and pay technological fees for the use of modified seeds. Let’s not be fooled. All these actions do not serve to save the world from hunger or help farmers in their work. Biotech companies are not guided by such incentives. They want to make farmers and consumers addicted to their patented products. It’s about profit. It only matters to them. These extremely rich institutions are able to do much to hide their true intentions and consequences.

What are the health consequences of using GMOs?

• We all know that viruses are subject to very rapid mutations. Among other things, that is why vaccines are not quite effective. Before the scientists create a vaccine for a particular strain of the virus, it is already going through a mutation and the vaccine is no longer effective before it is commercialized. Carcinogenic viruses used to transfer genes can produce new, potentially deadly germs with unpredictable consequences.

• Living organisms often contain dormant forms of viruses and bacteria. Introducing genes for GMO production can activate latent forms of microorganisms and cause unpredictable recombination and mutation of microorganisms. This could lead to the development of new generations of pathogenic microorganisms more dangerous than the SARS and H5N1 viruses. Scientists say such actions – biological terrorism.

• Eating modified organisms can cause the transfer of their antibiotic resistance to humans and animals. Other plants by exchanging pollen can also acquire these undesirable qualities. If people and animals become resistant to antibiotics, then also the microbes living around them. In case of infection there will be no cure for people and animals.

• Toxins contained in genetically modified plants kill not only pests but also other very useful insects living with them in symbiosis, such as pollinating bees. The dead parts of GM plants during decay and degradation release toxins which also kill soil microbes. This results in impoverishment of the entire ecosystem. Insects are also poisoned by water and feeding on them amphibians and reptiles.

What is Monsanto Corporation and what does it do?              Monsanto Company is an international corporation, and a joint stock company specializing in biotechnology and large organic chemistry. Monsanto is a global leader in the production of glyphosate, a herb which, under the trade name Roundup, is the flagship product of the company. Monsanto is also a leader in genetically modified seed, controlling 70 to 100% of the market. Agracetus, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Monsanto, owns exclusive rights to the production of genetically modified soya beans sold under the name Roundup Ready. In March 2005, Monsanto took over Seminis Inc., making it a market leader in traditional grains. Monsanto employs 15,000 people worldwide. According to the August 2004 tax return, his annual gross income was $ 5.4 billion. The market for genetically engineered seed, cows’ growth hormone production, and aggressive lobbying style have made Monsanto one of the most hated anti-globalization and environmental groups in the world. Many other chemical and biochemical corporations are also constantly exposed to this type of attack, but Monsanto is an extremely popular target for pro-ecological activists. They mate with food produced using Monsanto technology, the term frankenfood (from Frankenstein and food), and the name of the concern is twisted by them into Monsanto. According to anti-globalizationists, Monsanto is a flagship of the so- Corporate terrorism.

• Aspartame, whose production as a food additive was started by the pharmaceutical company G.D. Searle & Company, later taken over by Monsanto; Some studies suggest that this compound increases the risk of cancer  others do not. 
Agent Orange – produced, among others. By Monsanto defoliant used by the US during the Vietnam War to destroy the jungle that could hide Vietnamese guerrillas; At the time of its degradation, dioxins are released that have harmful effects on humans. 

• Cycle-Safe – The first plastic beverage bottle, one year after it was discontinued due to the risk of cancer in humans. After several years again approved by the FDA. 


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