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I wanted to share my views on the vision of a world with the law and the order . Maybe I’m just only utopian, maybe my vision will remain only in the realm of my imagination. Nevertheless, I believe that with a little good will and desire, above all those who have influence on the fate of the world, able to make real Edenism according to the rules of the Great Builder. The modern world is dominated by science, rationalism and liberalism. It might seem that we live in a time ideal, in which one does not restrict us to stringent laws and superstitions. However, most of us feel some discomfort. I believe that the understanding of the laws by which the world functions of the Great Builder will enable us to the end of the age-old war between the life of civil and religious, between religion and science and between civilization and the natural world.

I realize that nowadays that the world is leaded by a propaganda, which occurs on a much larger scale than ever before. Many of us, the term “propaganda” is associated with totalitarian regimes, which is unfortunately not true. Agitation with us since the dawn of history and appears in every country, in every age and in every socio-political system. Now, however, it reached its apogee. Propaganda is always accompanied by “madmen”. These are people who not only have been manipulated and still have the courage to proclaim their own views. It was obvious that someone might be a threat. Well it is, therefore, make fun of and eliminate, not to interfere with the implementation of various plans. At the beginning, I wanna tell that my conception is not created in order to offend someone. If there are there any words of criticism, most often they occur in tandem with praise by what my assessment of the character of the nation or organization seems to be objectified. It is also worth noting that each listed here religions and nationalities referring to with respect, even if I do not fully agree with the nation represented by ideology. The main reason for my views was a pain that accompanies me and many others, especially young people. The pain is caused by the awareness that our world collapses. Disappearing culture, religion and above all – morality and ethics. I am sorry to say that my view is not intended to consolation of mankind, and especially young people. My view is an attempt to present through the eyes of a young person tips that relate to the improvement of human life and improve the organization of the modern world. I wish my views would be inspiration to people, their will, desire and actions can inspire changes to the existing face of the world. Perhaps we do not realize the rate entering the game, presenting the fate of our world: the victory of good or evil (in its elementary, essential). But enough to just good people remained passive, and evil will prevail in the world.

I invite all eager to discuss 🙂

I invite the people to help in the creation of this website, people who like to write, like to express their views on the modern world, people who want to join Edenism Group.